Increase the value

of your online presence.

We help Brands and Companies to take advantage of online and offline digital innovations.

We produce websites, applications, services and products. We manage the web and Social presence

(in Italy and abroad) for the Companies that rely on us.Our focus? We want to generate concrete results.





We plan SEO-friendly website that you can navigate through every kind of device. For Companies, Associations and Professionals.

What are Landing pages made for? To give fuel to your online promotions and to increase the quality of the results.


Our Teams of specialists creates and promotes simple but sophisticated  E-Commerce platforms that can be integrated with systems of payment.


Jumany analyses your needs, market and the relative competitors. We plan a project: style, contents and objectives. We prepare graphic proposals, studied not only in the aspect of communication, but also in the one of usability and of the capacity to generate an interesting conversion rate (visit/action). Our website is conceived already SEO optimized and there will be a system of analysis which will allow to monitor the visits and the performances. To make search engines and people who visit your website through Smartphone or Tablet happy, we produce Responsive or Mobile-friendly websites. We purpose CMS Platforms which will make the website flexible and easy to update directly by the customer from every PC linked to internet.

Landing Page and Minisites

A Landing Page is a page which has only one aim, that is to convince visitors to act (signing up a form, purchasing a product, etc.). Our mission is to transform visits into actions and to Optimize promotional costs! We develop efficient landing pages for desktop and mobile, easy to use as finish line of an Advertising Campaign. We gather essential information, we outline and give value to the strengths of the purposed product or service. We test and experiment (A/B test, heatmap, record of visits) and we edit them until we get the best conversion rate.   


We analyse catalogue, competitors and market. We study the product sheets and the pages for a more fluent and easier navigation. We include comments, coupon systems, social widgets. We develop efficient registration and payment forms, we test Usability and Analysis. We are focused on Web Marketing and Marketplace integration. We help you to present your e-commerce solution and to manage your deals. We have great experience in online payments: since 1996 we produce instruments to use credit cards, as pos embedded and personalized apps. 

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