SuiteCRM  is the most widespread Open Source CRM solution in the world, with  over 1.5 million users
SuiteCRM è la soluzione CRM Open Source più diffusa al mondo

The application is based on the technological platform offered by SugarCRM Community Edition, with the extensions and support offered by the SuiteCRM solution.

Completely Web Based , CRM Suite can be installed in the customer’s datacenter or on a cloud server.

As an open source solution, SugarCRM CE  has no one-time or annual license fees .

Over 80,000 users of the Community, Sales Agility LTD and about 30 software houses worldwide are involved in the Suite CRM project. The project aims both to constantly improve the existing functionalities, keeping in line with constant global technological innovation, and to add new ones.

Main Modules and Features  present in the  Standard CRM Suite base:

  •  User and Group Profile Management .
  • Personal Data Management:  Leads, Companies and Contacts.
  • Activity Management:  Calendar, Tasks, Meetings and Calls.
  • Commercial Area Management: Sales  Opportunities, Estimates, Orders, Products and Commercial Documents, Workflow Management.
  • Marketing Area Management:  Campaigns, Target Lists, Web Mail and Mass Email Sending, Workflow Management.
  • Customer Care Area Management:  Management of Assistance Requests, Documents and Attachments, Workflow Management.
  • Reporting: Reporting  management.

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