Nanotechnology Research

2010. Start of Nanotechnology Research.

Everything started from a vision, from the feeling that the world was made of knowledge and research, therefore a reality not yet well defined, one day it would have been important for people and companies to an extent in which they would no longer give up on them! Therefore, we have grown and strengthened our muscles. Do you want to know more about the strength of JUMANY Nanotechnology?





We produce highly technological IDEAS that give reliable and safe solutions

When in 2010 we had customers’ requests to develop highly technological products, we did not know that research was the starting point for everything.


♥ Studies have led us to obtain important solutions to be one step ahead




The creation of the model and where the whole solution is found The starting sample

In the creation of the product we test the quality of the material and the effect it entails over time

The certification obtained on applied nanotechnology is our best guarantee!

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