Create any multimedia application including VR360 interactive.

Apply products to Apps or LANs or Interactive Totem Networks with the public.

VR 360






Virtual Reality 360° (VR360) for each application. We use high-definition interfaces up to 4K

We convert 3D customer photos or create 3D photo sets for any need.

We create multimedia productions to be applied on Totems for the involvement and acquisition of new customers from the Social Network



We make Interactive VR360 movies on both natural and animated subjects, we guarantee the project development and creation in a timely manner. Also on Architectural Drawings and Drawings Drawing Elements in X / Y Perspective orthogonal. We make cinematic sets and interactive chat in VR360. We have forms of collaboration in the US United Kingdom and Hungary



We create 3D images according to your needs and provide you with the greatness and characteristics you want. Whether they are for an Electronic Book or for the Web, we have the maximum definition and depth. Ask a quotation.




Jumany creates any multimedia project from simple content to interactive totem applications. We present the first Totem dedicated to the world of social networks. Thanks to an integrated webcam and a user friendly interface developed specifically for totem touch screens, this totem gives you the ability to record images and videos and share them directly on the fan page of the user. In addition to creating online video content, this original application gives you the ability to increase the number of fans on your fanpage and to collect a mailing list of users. If you want to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, please contact us and we will present you our proposal.

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