The term MSP is the acronym of Managed Service Provider and describes a typical working method

now of many companies that deal with computer science. In general, the Managed Service concept

indicates an outsourcing approach to certain management and maintenance activities, in order to optimize

the use of resources and lower costs by the customer. In this context, the Provider is represented

by the company or company that provides the service.

Managed Service Provider




Contracts MSP Assistance for Companies: Reduce costs and increase efficiency and safety

First of all, what is an MSP support contract?
It is a contract that includes all the IT services for the company in a single solution with a fixed fee:
• Telephone and Remote Help Desk included
• Remote and alert assistance included
• Proactive IT management activity: Backup, Security, Monitoring, Updates
• Supply of Hardware: Computers, Servers, Peripherals, Copiers also for Rental.
• Supply of Web and Cloud Services: Hosting, Email, Cloud Backup
• Consultancy for supplier management: Software House, Telecommunications



Benefits and pricing



How does it work?

By monitoring and maintaining the IT infrastructure of companies using automated tools and processes and trying to proactively solve potential problems, an MSP contract minimizes the non-functioning time of the customer’s infrastructure and does so in the mutual interest of the Customer-Customer . Offering an all-inclusive support, an MSP gives the customer the peace of mind of knowing that when (not if, but when!) Problems should occur, he can call him as many times as he wants without worrying about having an increase in costs.

Basic Services Included in the MSP contract

Consulting, Telephone and Remote Assistance
On-Site and Laboratory Assistance
Patch Management, ProActive Monitoring, Webroot Antivirus Security
Local Managed Backup + Cloud

Optional Services of the MSP contract

  • Premium Telephone Assistance
  • Premium On-Site Assistance
  • Managed Router / Firewall
  • 2TB network NAS for PC / Server Local backups
  • Email Boxes Managed IMAP 3 GB
  • Professional Mail Archiving
  • Office 365 licenses

Costs of the MSP Contract

There are 3 types of MSP Assistance Contract: Silver, Gold and Platinum
The differences are in the type of services included and / or optional, in the service contract with guarantee of intervention within the next day, within 8 hours or within 4 hours.

For each type of contract the total cost is calculated based on the number of Desktop and Server workstations present at the customer. There is a minimum monthly amount to activate the service.

The service is invoiced quarterly

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