Innovation and Tradition Lovers

Jumany Ltd we help people to live better and to take advantage of digital innovations and ancient knowledge, all this is combined with high quality and safe products and services. We produce applications, services and products. The Import / Export sector plays a key role in the careful selection of products all over the world. The Passion for the pursuit of daily well-being together with a 35-year experience has put us first in innovative companies.




We have 35 years of experience and we are still impressed and amazed by all aspects of the Digital and Natural world! Since 1983 over 1,000 customers from Italy and the world. Jumany Ltd

We started to produce simple machine codes for old computer systems, keeping the passion for nature and its respect … things have changed. Twenty qualified professionals. Certifications and skills make the company’s treasure

Made with ♥ is not a common saying. It is the way in which we interpret our job: we like what we do and we try to do our job in the best way possible to give the maximum to people

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