Brand Homemade.wales

HOMEMADE.WALES is a brand born from passion and years experience in the search for natural remedies for beauty and health

All our ingredients come from the United Kingdom and the products are manufactured in Wales according

to ancient traditional recipes of the UK and the new Zealand (according to original MAORI recipes)

We only use natural organic products and many also vegans.

Products For the person, the house and the animals divided into

  • Cosmetics
  • Natural Health
  • Cleaning

All done by hand and done at home

All products are registered as required by UK and EU regulations and the recipes are approved.

We believe a lot in what we do and put the well-being of people first.

All ingredients are specified on our labels to give maximum transparency and safety to the final consumer.

We also create lines upon request always in compliance and the guarantee of the organic product.

Our Be Genuineness Security Purity Natural Control guideline.

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For more information  https://homemade.wales

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Our Cosmetics are all natural Bio and sometimes also Vegans.

They do not contain dyes or chemical additives.

Everything is registered and approved for maximum consumer safety

for more information  https://homemade.wales

Natural Health



We have a large assortment of natural health remedies.

They are all products with exclusive content of plants and officinal herbs.

All products are strictly created according to high standards of

Safety, Control and Cleaning.

All the ingredients come from organic cultivations

and from territories with free nuclear radiation.

The containers are made of recyclable materials for a sea and a

clean environment. We guarantee a territory to future generations





All our cleaning products

They do not contain chemical products

No caustic soda

No preserved

We use only Natural colors

We do not use Benzene or petroleum-based solvents

Cleaning products do not contain plastic or synthetic migrosphere

We use where specified Top Quality Natural Volcanic Pumice

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