Social selling is the process of developing relationships like part of the sales process. Today this happens often via social networks such as LinkedIn, but it can happen both
online and offline.

We operate on:

  • Targeting: Target your ideal customer based on the data
    Linkedin, 880 million profiles worldwide.
  • Contacts : Visit Profile of the target and send connection request with
    personalized message from the customer’s Linkedin profile, with
    response of 45/60% positive feedback.
  • Lead Generation : The use of Smart Links and e-mail, allows us to
    analyze the behavior of the target, for example i content viewing times and much more.
  • Conversation : Analysis of the connected target profile and message sending
    emails with valuable content.

The solutions we offer in the service are:

  1. Evaluation and Strategy
  2. Company page
  3. Personal page
  4. Lead Generation and CRM
  5. Training

Here are the essential points in detail

  1. We carry out the process of collecting information in order to make a correct assessment. And be able to
    then create a strategy and action plan designed to achieve the specific goal.
  2. We create and/or optimize the Company page, in order to get in touch with potential customers,
    partners and employees
  3. We create and/or optimize your personal page, in order to get in touch with customers, colleagues and
    potential customers and suppliers
  4. We create verified Leads, according to your company’s needs, with a Metadata service to reach the
    target created by the strategy and the analysis carried out. Furthermore Jumany being a software house, we work with numerous Crm. We have therefore chosen to offer SuiteCRM at the same time as the Lead Generation service, as through specific modules it can have integrated Merge Linkedin functions, Mobile integration, Plugin integration on WooCommerce and WordPress (CMS), Plugin for sharing data and documents via Google Workspace.
  5. Jumany offers a training service, giving support at any level, for beginners and experts.

You will also be informed about the news of the Linkedin platform and any new strategies to be implemented

Each solution is customized.

To learn more about the service, visit our website or contact

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